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OC and Crossover friendly

Teenage FC-Yoshiya 'Joshua' Kiryu-TWEWY
Adult FC-Lahabrea/Thancred-FFXIV: ARR

M!A: Eibon and his armor are two distinct people for 2 weeks



·…oh fuck, this is gonna be awkward.·


·Virginity is…well, the state before a person has ever had sex. Ergo, losing that to someone means…·

Send a ‘!!!’ For my characters reaction to yours climbing into the shower with them

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warrior-of-knowledge replied to your post “Lucifer x Gedouin (Someone had to do it.)”

Eh, someone had to do it.

No, I’m ‘A’ devil, not ‘THE’ devil. Theres a difference.

Reblog if you’re willing to do violent RPs

Y’know, just in case I feel the need to bust some heads.


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Your muse finds mine like this:


What is your muse’s reaction?